We are a grass roots organization focused on establishing a meaningful town center for Narragansett, RI.  As town residents we feel the loss of place. Many years ago, a town center was taken from us. Since then, our community has suffered spiritually and economically. Video to illustrate our point. Click the button below.
To our grandparents, Narragansett had a town center. They could take you to a spot where you’d be surrounded by activity. It would feel like the center. You knew you were there and felt at home. In our parents’ generation all that changed. They witnessed the destruction in the name of ‘improvement’. They felt the loss. Home town was now just a fuzzy spot on the map. The kind of spot you never found or felt in your heart. We are here to change all that.
Narragansett, RI image circa 1937
Narragansett, RI Needs a Town Center
This is a well known local destination, The Towers, a venue for weddings and other social events for Rhode Islanders and out-of-town guests.
Across from The Towers and adjacent to our town beach you will find this grassy plain containing two sculptures by world class artist, Mimi Sammis.
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Where’s The Town?
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Back to the Future—circa 1937 view